Kiki Salt and Pepper Mills


For a decade I scoured the land for the perfect mid-century modern style grinders. I owned several over the years but found the mechanisms to be too coarse and they always became loose over time.

Then I discovered the Kiki salt and pepper mills.


These single block, un-laminated beech grinders are eco friendly––the European production facility is situated in the middle of a beech forest managed by the Forestry Stewardship Council and has been sustainably harvested since the early 1700’s. Or so their website claims and as I have no reason to doubt them I will take them at their word.


You can choose the level of grind, from coarse to superfine. I picked mine up a few years ago at Crate and Barrel for a steal––they retail for around $50 USD now. Of course pre-ground salt and pepper dispensed from plastic shakers purloined from a Wendy’s will get the job done for less money, but a one-time purchase of mills such as these by Kiki will prove much more satisfying over the course of a lifetime.

Meals are meant to be enjoyed, not simply consumed.



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